Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's Very, Very Cold Outside!

Well, I've finally started to think about Christmas shopping. I have a whole 1-1/2 weeks to do it so that should be enough. We're going light this year as most Americans, I suppose.

I had the girls over last week to make stockings for everyone we were missing and now I just need to fill them. The decorating is done and the house is organized. I stocked up on candy canes. All I have left to do is shop I guess.

Sarah and David took Grace to a Holiday concert this week and got their picture taken so I thought I'd share. Nathan and Patrick were also over. Patrick is finally a Nana's boy. He doesn't normally like anyone but mom and dad but somehow, I won him over. Finally. Now he follows me around with his arms raised to be held. What a joy- he's such a cutie! Nathan will be 3 in two weeks. My, how fast those babies grow. This Christmas will be pretty special for all of us.
By the way, Grace saw the Salvation Army volunteer at the store ringing the bell the other day and Sarah explained to her about why we give money to them. The next time they went, Grace donated a dollar from her piggy bank for what she called "kids that didn't have homes." Sarah was raking the leaves later that day and she said that Grace stood on the porch ringing the wind chimes for a good half hour yelling "stop and give money for kids." Someday she'll be a bellringer I guess!

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  1. Beautiful pic and heartwarming story.

    We finally put up our tree yesterday...still have to decorate it. lol!