Monday, August 24, 2009

Internet Issues Today!

The Scavenger Hunt #4 went out late today due to no internet all day. The phone lines are still crossed and no internet yet tonight. I had to borrow internet from a friend to send the Scavenger Hunt 4 this evening. I got a lot of emails asking if they missed #4. Sorry it was so late today. Hopefully the phone company will get things fixed tomorrow. They worked on it today, only to cross the lines and make more of a mess.

This is the last week. The last drawing will be Friday. I'll post the winners here Friday morning, assuming the internet is working by then! Good Luck this week!

I just finished another new Cross Stitch design. Watch soon for a sneak peek of the new series to be released at the St Charles Needlework market in September. I'm also working on new quilts for Quilt Market in Houston In Oct. It's a busy time here.

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