Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fishing and Stuff

Sunday my kids and grandkids came for dinner and hung out for the afternoon. I introduced Grace to my old Pork & Beans doll and they seem to hit it off pretty well. She didn't seem to pay attention to the boo boo on the dolls foot. I have a feeling that once again Pork & Beans will get the love and affection that she deserves for a few years.

Nathan and Grace both got tractor rides with Papa which is always a treat for Papa and for them also. It's always a struggle to get Nathan off the tractor, in fact. He seems to have a one track tractor mind. He'll be driving it before you know it. They grow so fast.

They went over to the pond in the back and fished for a while. Grace even caught a fish on her Barbie fishing pole. It's not her first catch, as she's been fishing a lot with her dad. It was pretty exciting for the rest of us though! She even held the fish in her hands which, for a 2-1/2 yr old girl, is pretty remarkable! Nathan and Grace spent a lot of time catching minnows in the bucket and dropping them on the ground. It was a pretty fun day had by all!

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