Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Basket, baskets, baskets

It's raining today. Not the best of weather. Fortunately yesterday was a great day to be outside. Yesterday I spent the day working on baskets. They turned out so pretty. I have a large collection, between my mom's and my own, I think there's about 100 in all. I put Danish oil on some of them and they just glow.

I think my favorite basket is the market basket with 2 handles in the background. It's such a neat style basket.

My mom and dad made white oak baskets for years and taught me how in 1987. I love making baskets, it's such a relaxing hobby. My dad used to have a shaving horse and actually shaved the weavers we used. The handles were also hand carved. Those were in the days when the craft fairs were every weekend. They went to War Eagle every year and demonstrated the art of basketmaking. I have so many good memories of the craft fairs.
Today I think will be a cross stitch day. I have a lot of designs on my mind just waiting to escape.

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