Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Random Acts of Kindness- Little Pumpkins


I am offering free downloadable appliqué patterns in a series for small table runners, candle mats and framed projects using minimal supplies.  I call the series "Random Acts of Kindness" because I hope you will find the projects simple enough to make one for a friend!

Also, if you post pictures of your finished projects, please tag us- The Prairie Grove Peddler Pattern Company on Facebook or @cherylprairiegrovepeddler and #prairiegrovepeddler on Instagram.

The original models were made with the Winter Wool Tweed Flannels from Benartex. They can also be made with cotton quilt fabric or hand-dyed wool. Some patterns in the series include optional things such as French knots and other embellishments. Designs can be embroidered by hand or machine. You choose the fabric, flannel or wool. You can hand-stitch with thread, Pearl cotton or embroidery floss.

As we release new projects, we will try to show them made with different fabrics and threads for more ideas. We will give you two copies for each design- one for tracing and one for “placing” as I call it.  The Tracing pattern is reversed for tracing on Quick Fuse Appliqué paper.  The Placing pattern is to position the pieces.  This is also the direction the design will be when finished. These project sheets are free. If you want to share the pattern with friends, we ask that you please direct them to our website/Blog for printing. Each design prints on 8-1/2” x 11” paper. Let me know how they turn out!

By the way- we added some free little cross stitch designs that match, sort of!

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