Saturday, March 1, 2014

It's March FINALLY!

  Seems more like April Fool's Day(you know, a big joke) than March 1 but it's finally here after the longest February in history.  It must have been documented by now.  Unfortunately, we are celebrating today with  6"-8" of snow again starting this afternoon. Winter's starting to really drag on.  Maybe it's more like the Groundhog Day movie and we are just stuck in the snow and ice pattern with it coming over and over again.  

 I have not felt like working lately, maybe it's winter depression,  or some family illness but probably and most likely just laziness.  I see a change on the horizon though with the turn on the calendar page.  It has to end sooner or later, right?  Has this been the longest winter in history to you?  I'm still waiting for that global warming to kick in. 

I did start my seeds last week and I now have 9' of window space full of little sprouts.  I am going to start a few more flats this weekend so we have a bunch big enough to plant outside when the weather allows.  I am so ready for spring. 

I started a lot of lettuce varieties in window boxes this year so I can set them out on the deck railing and cut lettuce all summer.  So far I have Romaine and spinach up.  I have Red Sails, Arugula and Butter crunch to start this weekend.  I've never done lettuce in planters before so we will see if it works. We eat a lot of salad.  My parsley is still growing in my living room from last year.

I have two flats of tomatoes, Jet star (our favorite) and this year we are trying Rutgers for some variety.  I will start a new flat of Jet Star every 10 days so we have tomatoes coming on through October.  I started a bunch of pepper varieties so far.  I have broccoli and some flowers up already also.

I have a new line of fabric out called Harvest Song.  Here's a sneak peek-

I am hoping to post it soon but waiting for the official pictures. My camera shots don't do it justice.   Hopefully, it will come soon.  I have my fabric, I already cut it into bundles and I'm ready to do another drawing on the Blog this month in March. 

 Stay tuned.



  1. Beautiful fabrics!

    I hope your spring comes soon. (It's in the 70's here today in SE TX.)

  2. You have agood start on your garden.
    Harvest Song is beautiful!
    I hope Spring comes soon too.