Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Another Week, Another Snow!

Well, I spoke too soon.  No sooner than the second snow melted, we got a whopper 10" snow that stuck to everything.  It's still out there ~~ sigh~~

It's pretty though!  Funny, we've had the best weather all winter until mid-February.  Then the snow started.  
My seeds are all up and growing.  I know it won't be long now.

I went to the Genealogy Conference in Kansas City with my sister and thoroughly enjoyed it.  We learned quite a bit about the search. has a lot of search bases that make searching for loved ones easy.  Not only can you search census, birth and death records, but you can search things like court records, land records, deeds, probate records, passenger lists, military & pension records,and the list goes on and on.  
We lost another uncle last week and our opportunities are running out for first hand accounts.

If you haven't already started searching your history, I encourage you to speak with older members of your family and write down family history & memories while you still have them around.  
Those are priceless memories!


  1. From my perch down here in warm SE TX, the snow and cardinals look beautiful.

  2. Same here Cheryl.
    We didn't start having winter snow until late February here in WI also.
    It still snows like crazy off and on, but doesn't amount to anything anymore.
    Glad you had fun at the conference.