Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday before the Sunday before Christmas!

Well, I'm still singing the song that doesn't end and so is Nathan.  Funny how those catchy tunes stick with you.  I heard on the radio (ok, it was John Tesh) that it happens because you don't finish listening to the song. They say if you go back and finish the whole song it will go away.  I'll have to watch Lamb Chop this week I guess.  The only problem is, it's the song that never ends.  How exactly do I hear the whole song?   LOL

My sister is here to celebrate with me this weekend, I graduated yesterday with a BSM-HR degree, who-hoo.  It was fun!  I didn't pass out or fall off the stage or do anything embarrassing.  I might have been the only grandma graduating though.  It looked that way.  My husband was sure dressed to impress- he's been buying himself good looking clothes these days.  Who knew he had that in him?  He has been shopping for himself and getting the best looking stuff.  He's on a wool kick right now and he has tweed jackets and sweaters in many colors now.  Not many years ago he'd buy clothing and I always compared his purchases to Starsky and Hutch from the 70's.    He's getting better with age!

Now I get to decide if I want to pursue an MBA.  It's tempting since I have the whole study thing down now and my study partner from the last degree has decided to do it.  I'll think about it through Christmas.  I have a few new cross stitch designs in the works and some quilt patterns underway.  The new year starts in 2 weeks.  Life just goes too fast for me.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the young victims in Connecticut on Friday.  Also the families of the heroic teachers who were killed, everyone in the school who was safe and the first responders who were traumatized.  The local community will never be the same.  Such a heartbreaking tragedy. 

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