Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happy Spring!

I spent the last week going through my Spring boxes and looking for decorations, cleaning house and washing everything in sight. Spring is here, after all! I think it started right after Christmas in Missouri, to tell the truth. We got one teeny tiny snow, about 3 inches I think. That was winter. We'll be planting the garden soon I guess!

I have family coming this weekend and we plan on bar-b-quing this week. I'm staying away from hamburger meat due to all of the pink goo on the news these days so I'm thinking steaks or pork. Undecided at this time! Any suggestions for what to make are welcome! Sarah is going to a craft fair this Saturday as a vendor so we are going too. I love craft fairs.

Last weekend we had corned beef and cabbage and it was wonderful. Last night, I bought another corned beef brisket and when I got it home, I had pink goo everywhere. The package had a hole and leaked "icky pink goo" on a lot of other foods. Needless to say, it was a bleach wipe frenzy going on for a while. I promptly went back to the store and returned the leaky beef.

This next week I'm getting ready for the upcoming quilt market. Quilts to finish and directions to proof. A second quilt pattern is now off to the quilter so I'm on a roll. I've got about four to go.

I started a new class this week and already got five weeks worth of homework done. I was on a roll. I love it when I get it all done early. I wish I could do that with the quilt patterns. Discipline, I guess.

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  1. It's Spring here too!
    It's been in the 80's the last few days.
    You sure are amibitious getting all of your Spring cleaning in!
    I've been reading about the pick goo too, YUK!
    Have a great time at the craft fair.