Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wait, what?

It's almost February? Where did January go? I just took my tree down last week, I think, or was it several weeks ago? I guess time flies when you're having fun! What fun- I just finished two paper for school- one was 50 pages, the other 20. I have a 5 (yep, that's FIVE) page paper to do and wouldn't you know, it's the hardest one. I can't seem to get it done. My internet has been coming and going lately and it seems that every time I wanted to blog, I couldn't get online. UGH.

I got a big box of Weeks hand-dyed wool cuts last week and I've already started some new patterns. I love, love, love working on wool. Hopefully they will go fast and I can post pics later on.

The cardinal quilt is finally back from the quilter and I'll get the binding done soon and photograph it. What I thought would take a couple of weeks turned into a couple of months. When I sent it, I was in a hurry. Obviously,
~~I got over it~~

The new fabric line is in the Benartex warehouse. They are shipping orders. Hopefully, they will be posting pictures on their website soon.

Well, I promised a drawing and we will have one this next week.
How about:
TWO winners- winner chooses 4 free pattern or charts.
Can be spring- or winter- or whatever!
Who is ready for spring?

Email me by January 31 with the word SPRING in the subject line.
Put your name, mailing address and 4 pattern/ chart titles in the body of the email.

I'll choose a winner on February 1st and contact both of them. I'll post the names here, I promise!

I made a Business Page on Facebook- you can see it at:
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I haven't figured out how to add that LIKE button on the blog yet.


  1. You sound very busy! Good luck with the paper.

    I look forward to seeing the cardinal quilt.

  2. School seems to be keeping you very busy! Hope you are enjoying it, I know I have always enjoyed it.
    Cannot wait to see the cardinal quilt and some new wool projects sounds like fun!