Saturday, December 17, 2011

That Golden Day is Here!

It's cookie time! I have all of my ingredients laying all over the kitchen, just waiting for the mixing to begin! I would have started yesterday but my husband beat me to the kitchen- he spent the day making and baking deer sausage. Needless to say, the counter was too full to compete with my cookies. I haven't baked in a while and I'm anxious to get started.

My favorite cookies at Christmas are peanut butter with those little Hershey's kisses on them but some how I don't think I'll be making them much more. MY little Grace is highly allergic to peanuts and we try not to have any in the house if she'll be "in house". You know, just in case anyone else eats them and gets near her. Those food allergies are scary stuff. Sarah keeps an Epi -pen with her at all times.

I do plan to make chocolate chip cookies, maybe some no-bake cookies and sugar cookies. I'll have to make fudge, after all, what's Christmas without fudge? So much for that diet I was going to start. Too late now! I have a great recipe for Mrs. Fields cookies, made with real butter and chocolate chunks. I will have to make Rice Krispie treats too. The kids love them!

I'm thinking pies- maybe pecan, chocolate cream and coconut. Funny story about my Coconut pies- a few years ago I was going to make 2 pies for Christmas. Well, sort of. I was in a hurry, company was already there. I mixed one batch for two coconut pies and got busy doing other cooking and left it too long so it burned on the stove. The pan was black. I think we eventually got it clean but it took a lot. Meanwhile, I had baked two pie crusts in the oven and forgotten them also. They were pretty brown but the time I remembered so i had to throw them out. I was all stressed out, wanted the stupid pies.

I was in a pretty bad mood by this time but I was determined to not let the pie win. I found a graham cracker crust in the pantry, so I started a new batch and watched it like a hawk. It turned out OK. I thought I was finally on a roll.

I put it in the graham cracker pie crust and started to move it into the dining room to cool, out of the way. To my horror, the entire foil pan buckled in my hands and the runny pie dumped all over the carpet. Needless to say, I cried. I spent the next half hour cleaning the milky coconut off of the carpet while wiping the tears out of my eyes. There was no comforting me that day and it took a few years to tackle the pie again. Did I learn any lessons? Probably not, as I still get busy and forget- things burn and I can only blame myself.
One lesson I did learn-
I always get extra ingredients now. Just in case!

I promised Toto she's going to get her long overdue bath today. It's been raining and snowing and really muddy out. She's a mess and confined to the kitchen until the bath. She gets her first grooming appointment later this week. I wonder how she'll do there? She hates the brush, even though I try to brush her each day. It's never been her friend. I think she'll get a little Christmas bow this week. I'll be sure to take a picture.

I'm going to start with the Christmas cleaning today, you know the kind- washing the windows, vacuuming under the beds and dusting the mini blinds. That stuff you don't do very often unless company is coming. The countdown begins. Are you done shopping?

I still have one quilt to finish for Grace, other than that, I'm ready, until you count the cleaning, baking and wrapping. I guess I'm not so ready after all. But I will be! Don't forget about the 25% sale on the website through Christmas.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. It sounds very busy in your household....probably the cause of your unfortunate pie crust incident.

    Busy day here today too....and here I sit on the computer reading blogs. lol!