Sunday, March 13, 2011

Too Busy To Blog?

Sounds silly I know but it's true. I've just been too busy to blog recently. I finished working on fabric line #4 just in time to start a minor remodel. Lines #2 and #3 release dates have been pushed back until Fall now. We have been working on my studio and what a job it turned out to be. It's like moving all over again. Everything had to be hauled out and once it was done and ready to be filled, I just couldn't bring everything back in. Lots of it had to be sorted, filed and sadly, mostly tossed out. I guess it's my Spring Cleaning. It feels good though. Someone told me once that you spend your first 40 years collecting "stuff" and you spend the next 40 getting rid of it all. Hence, I am in the later 40 years!

I am having Corpal Tunnel surgery on my left hand next month and I'm determined to get all these things done before then. I already started working on designs for fabric line #5 so I'm anxious to finish those before the surgery. This past week everyone in my family has also been down with the flu (including me) so I am definitely challenged on time.

Here's a picture of my newest 4 x 4 pattern (4 Designs X 4 Projects). It's called #390 4 X 4 -Flowers. This week for a drawing, I'll offer one of each of the 4 x 4's to a single winner.

To enter-
Email me at by next Saturday midnight 3/19/2011.
Put "Flowers" in the subject line.
Add your complete mailing address in the body of the email.

Next week, we'll have a drawing for something special. Stay tuned!


  1. oh how pretty! I am currently working on your shamrock candle mat as you can see on my recent post. I love your patterns and would love a chance to win. I'll email you w/my addie.
    Sounds like you've been a busy bee!


  2. They are wonderful Cheryl. I love the neat edge on the tulip mat! Good luck on your surgery - at least it will make you get some much needed rest.

  3. I hope you get everything done and that your surgery goes well Cheryl.
    Hope everyone is over the flu also!
    The Flowers design is gorgeous.

  4. Good luck with the surgery. So many folks I know have had that recently and they all recovered wonderfully.
    I love the patterns!