Monday, June 21, 2010

The Heat is On!

A full week of 90 temps coming up. Last week was the same. We sort of missed our Spring. We went from cold and wet to hot (and wet). A little fertilizer on the corn and tomatoes and we're in good shape. I counted 65 tomatoes on the vine so far. Yum! I know, you'd think I'd have better things to do than go count green tomatoes but it was exciting, none the less.

Grace had her first dance recital this weekend and despite
falling asleep on the way, she performed very well. The whole
group was as cute as could be! She's been singing and dancing around the house ever since. Sarah got her a peacock outfit at a garage sale and she is the princess, let me tell you. Tail feathers and all. She makes up her own songs and sings and sings!

Here's a picture
of Sarah and Grace. My sister was in an accident this past week and broke a bone in her neck. She had a successful surgery and now has a halo bolted to her for 8 weeks. You'd think wearing a halo would make her feel like an angel but I'm not sure she feels quite that way. Keep her in your prayers!


  1. The pictures of your daughter remind me so much of my daughter when she was dancing at that age. So precious!

    I'll definitely keep your sister in my prayers! I'm sure that she's not feeling so wonderful with the halo, but thankfully nothing worse happened.

  2. Grace is a cutie!!

    Sorry to hear about your sister. Thoughts and prayers!

  3. Grace is too cute.
    I bet the recital was too.
    I'll keep your sister in my thoughts.
    I like the new blog, it's nice.