Monday, May 31, 2010

It's a Bloomin' Day

My Clematis is so pretty right now- it looks like a hundred blooms easily. When we moved in, it was dormant at the light post. We had no idea what color it would turn out to be. Now the light post is completely hidden by the purple blooms.

My Peonies continue to bloom even though it seems so late this year. Usually they bloom by Mother's Day. We keep cutting them and have a beautiful vase on the counter in the kitchen. The bad thing about Peonies is that they harbor ants so we have to shake them really well before bringing them inside. We still get a few hitchhikers on the counter for a few hours each time.

Today I'm going to play with new quilt designs and maybe see a movie later with my son. We've had Bar-B-Q's for two days and I'm ready for a change! Enjoy your day.


  1. Your clematis and peonies look beautiful! I am green with envy - still waiting for the lilacs to bloom here because it has been such a cold spring.

  2. Hope you have a wonderful day, without the BBQ!LOL I hope to stitch a bit, it's quite here which is really rare.

  3. Those peopnies are gorgeous. Our weather has been a bit cooler so still waititng for the flowers to bloom here.