Monday, April 10, 2017

Liberty Hill is Here

I am woefully behind in posting and I apologize!  This last year has been crazy at best and I have  struggled to keep up mentally and physically. I had shoulder surgery& torn bicep repair last fall and I am almost done with Physical Therapy.  Glad that is behind me. I didn't really take any time off but I enjoyed a light schedule for a while.

It all started last year with the Bear Paws fabric line.  No sooner than I got a few patterns ready then the Crafty Cats fabric line came out.  I did a few new patterns and before I could finish A Moose for Christmas was sent to me and I started those patterns.  They were shown at Quilt Market in the fall.
I had to start making lists to keep straight on everything.

I had gone to New York last June and finished the Liberty Hill fabric line.  It is rich and full of color. Liberty Hill fabrics arrived just Christmas and we just finished five new patterns.  We also posted lots of fabric and sample bundles here- Prairie Grove Peddler on Etsy.

This is the full Liberty Collection quilt using three of the patterns.  
I put a free PDF on our website with finishing directions.

32" x 44"
Retail $9.00
It is mostly pieced with the four animals as applique.


36" x 45"
Retail $9.00
It is mostly pieced with applique flowers and goose.

This one is #413 Liberty Garden
29" x 45"
Retail $9.00
It is mostly pieced with applique flowers, bunny and bee skep.
We also used two little Monarch butterfly buttons 

I also redid #374 Stars & Stripes in the new fabrics 
Retail $8.00

and a new quickie pieced pattern called #414 One Starry Night
Retail $8.00
This one also includes directions for two different table runners.

The Pumpkin Patch fabric arrived in January and we now have three more patterns being quilted. Pictures posted soon-  I promise!  Panel here.

Down the road-
Chicks on the Run fabric line will be shown in May at the International Quilt Market with a few new patterns. We are finishing models currently and almost ready for quilting. I will post soon.
Sneak peek-

Sunshine Garden fabric line will be shown in July at Bernina U. with the new patterns.
Winter Wonderland will be shown this fall at Quilt Market for next years holiday. New patterns available.

See why I have been so crazy?  Just last week alone I was working on different six different fabric lines, between, proof reading Liberty Hill patterns, quilting the Pumpkin Patch quilts, applique on the Chicks on the Run quilts, designing patterns for Sunshine Garden line, approving color tones on the Winter Wonderland line, and drawing up a panel for my newest line- I can't tell you yet but it might be a forest animal!

I keep thinking I will slow down in my old age but apparently I'm not old enough yet.
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Thursday, August 18, 2016

The End of Summer

The extremely hot weather has finally broken here in Missouri and I am anticipating those wonderful autumn mornings in my future.  I generally get up really early and I love to go out in the wee hours of morning as the birds start singing.  Last week it was humid and you could actually break out into a sweat at 5 am.  Not this week.  We have lows in the 60's and it feels great.

Our garden has been wonderful this year.  We have tomatoes that weigh almost a pound.  I'm not talking about just a few but more than half of what we pick is bread size.  It's a BLT bonanza around here. We did use Epsom Salts three times on them and it made a huge difference.  The extreme heat and regular rain probably helped some too!

For years I have saved pickle juice once we finish a jar and cut up cucumbers to drop in.  Sweet, dill and Bread Butter all work the same.  After a few days in the brine the cucs taste like those great crunchy pickles at the Deli.  This year, instead of making our own pickles, we decided to boil and cool the brine then drop in fresh picked cucumbers and guess what?  It works too!  They are crunchy and good like the Deli pickles.  We haven't tried to actually can them to save for later but so far so good. We hate soft pickles.

My Bear Paws fabric should be in stores by now.  If you can't find a store that offers it, or want to see it up close, I put a few bundles in my Etsy Store at:
I have a couple of Bear Paw patterns almost ready, well, at the quilter anyway. I will post them soon.

I  added some new Instant Download patterns to the Craftsy Store at:

Crafty Cats fabric line will be shipping soon.
Here is the panel that goes with the line.

Here is one of the border prints that I really like- 

I am working on a few new cats patterns.  
I will post a complimentary pattern on the Facebook page when it is ready.

Monday, July 25, 2016

A Busy Year

Well it's been a busy few months.  I am a little behind here!  The snows came, the snows went.  The tulips bloomed.  The garden got plowed.  The garden was planted.   The flowers started blooming.  We used Epsom Salts in the garden and the tomatoes and peppers are humongous.  It does work.  We are now reaping the benefits.  The kitchen counter is overflowing.

I went to New York for a week in June to visit Benartex, the fabric company I design for.  I had a wonderful time all week and got a lot of designing done while I was there.  We also went to Beautiful on Broadway one night.  I loved Carole King as a teenager so really enjoyed the play.  I now have six new lines of fabric coming over the next year.  The first line coming up is called Bear Paws. Here is the panel:

It should be in stores soon.  I will have some patterns on my website using the line very soon.

I updated my website with a new look and the logo above.  I changed it up a bit and added some new graphics.  Take a look-

Next month I have a new line being shown called Crafty Cats. Here is part of it...

Watch for more details soon.

Monday, January 18, 2016

More Snow

We are expecting 2"-4" of snow tomorrow so it appears winter may have finally arrived! We got a dusting the other day but it didn't cause any problems on the roads.  I am feeling under the weather tonight so I say, let it snow.

Sew in Love{with Fabric} blogged about my new fabric line, Garden Days. Click here to view it:

Here is the line...

Saturday, January 2, 2016

An Unusual Missouri Winter

Christmas has come and gone and we still have seen no snow to speak of.  I think we got a dusting once or twice but it was gone as quickly as it came. Last week's flooding was unusual for winter time but not so unusual for Missouri.  We have two major rivers that join in St. Louis and we have seen it all before.  After all, that's how Lewis and Clark traveled west to explore.

We had a wonderful Christmas with all children and grandchildren in attendance for two days. It was like one big slumber party and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  As they say, you never know what the future might hold so cherish today!  I have had several friends pass this year and several others be diagnosed with cancer so I have a lot to pray for each day. The Lord has blessed my family and I am so thankful.

I am no longer carrying buttons on my website for patterns. I have started listing some of them on Etsy with the patterns at a reduced price and others on Ebay as 5 days auctions.

I have my new Garden Days fabric line in house now.  As soon as we have time to cut it into bundles, we will offer it in our Etsy Store.  We have several Folk Art bundles and only a couple of the Moose of the Loose bundles left on Etsy.

I listed a lot more on Craftsy. There are 80+ patterns offered as instant downloads now.

I pray each and every one of you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Christmas is Just Around the Corner

I was honored this past week to be on Craftsy's Best seller list for downloadable quilting patterns.  If you haven't been to Craftsy, you should check it out.  They offer everything from quilt and craft patterns to cake decorating online classes. They are thousands of classes on there. It's quite impressive!

Here is the link to my PGPeddler Craftsy Store-

I am still working on new fabric designs with five new lines all ready and coming up next year. Christmas decorations are put up and wrapping has begun.  Baking will start soon.

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I will be posting a sale soon.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Sale special on the website through Christmas.  Use the code for 25% off any retail pattern order, no minimum.  Just enter the word christmas as the coupon code at check-out.

I finally updated the website so check it out if you get a chance.  I used one of my tone on tone moose fabrics as the background and I really like it!
If you haven't been there for a while you might need to refresh.

I am a little behind with posting these new fabrics. This is the Moose on the Loose panel....

These are both panels from the Folk Art line...

Here is the panel from the new Garden Days line...

Saturday, March 7, 2015

March News

Is it spring yet?
This has been the longest February in history.  January was nice, at least in the Midwest.  February was awful.  Snow after snow and really, really cold!  I got to the point of wearing my winter boots around the house as house shoes.  I think we are finally climbing out of it.  It's supposed to be in the 50's and 60's for the next week.  Bye bye snow.  Good riddance!  My yard is a mucky mess.

I just finished working on another fabric line and moving right into the next one as soon as I can. I have some family vacation stuff coming up and a family wedding in the near future then back to work on it.  We are starting seeds this weekend for the garden- a little later than last year but still reasonably on time for the garden.  I am ready!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas to you and your family during this season of celebrating our Lord's birth.  The weather has been great and the gas prices are down below $2.00 here in Missouri.  Everyone in my house is healthy and I have a lot to be thankful for.  

I plan to spend a few days enjoying my family, kids and grand kids.  My newest grandson is due next week and we are thankful for the six healthy grandchildren that we currently have.  We have a few things planned for the family gatherings and it all involves lots of food!  I am up early to do some baking before the festivities start this afternoon.  Tomorrow's festivities start earlier with our traditional egg casserole and sausage gravy breakfast.  

Thanks to Pinterest, I have added a lot of interesting items to my list of culinary delights this year. I just love looking at Pinterest, in fact, I spend more time on there each day than I do reading the news or Facebook anymore.  I love looking at do-it-yourself projects along with the recipes.   

If you want to follow me on Pinterest, I am listed under prairiegrovegrl.

I will list new fabric bundles and quilts in my Etsy Store after the Christmas holiday season.  Due to the new EU VAT Tax regulations, I am no longer going to sell outside of the United States, however, my patterns are still available through Quilter's Warehouse.

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Merry Christmas!