Sunday, July 19, 2009

My First Post

I'm probably the last person on earth to start a blog but here goes! I just joined Etsy a few weeks back and I thought that was quite an accomplishment. Then I joined Twitter and ventured in new territory, prompted by others. The blog seems to be the next thing on my list. Thanks for sharing this journey with me.

I started my business in 1990 in St. Louis County. I started selling dolls and hand made white oak baskets at local craft fairs. Those were the good ole days for craft fairs. I would pile my crafts and kids into my little car and just have the best time. My two kids ran around and visited other vendors all day as we knew a lot of them having sold at the same craft fairs. A lot of the fairs were outside and people dressed in period costumes. My kids had such fun!

I attended my first wholesale Quilt Market in Fall of 1993. I was pregnant with my third child at the time but didn't know it yet. I started designing quilt patterns in 1997. This will be my 17th year of going to market in Houston.

I spent the afternoon sitting in the shade visiting my kids and grandkids. Most Sundays we have dinner here after church. It's a great time to catch up on family news, watch the babies play, and relax. The only drawback is the dishes! I do survive most Sundays though.

Thanks for sharing my first blog.

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  1. Welcome to the blog world. It is fun. I try to update my blog every day and it is a challenge. Good luck and best wishes.